The Drum8 Source Code

The dsp-D8 is a great drum chip with its 8 voice polyphonic playing capabilities. But the 28-pin DIP can be quite large for DIY projects.

The Drum8 is much smaller still hosting the same 8 voice polyphony adding a global pitch CV and a true analog accent input.

The trigger inputs has change to rising edge detection and it now runs on the ATtiny84.


The Drum8 is an 8 voice polyphonic drum sampler in a 14-pin DIP.
It features 8 rising edge trigger inputs, 1 analog CV tune and 1 analog CV accent input.


If you want to protect it from “Eurorack voltages” you can download the dsp-Host manual at and look at the schematics for that module that adds protection for the AVR MCU.

The source code runs unmodified on the Atmel ATtiny84.

The code is provided as is and is free for non Commercial use.
No support is provided.

If you are unable to program the chip yourself a preprogrammed u808 can be ordered here:

Order the u808 drum chip $20


And a PCB for the module can be ordered here:

Order the 4HP module PCB $20


The module in the video can be ordered here:

Order the Drum8 Vintage $99


More DIY chips available at

And eurorack modules at

My work on these free synthesizers is based on donations from people.
If you find the code useful, please consider a $3 donation to keep future developments open source.

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