The 827 2HP Percussion module

November 9, 2016


The 827 Percussions is a 2HP module that assists the 808 module with percussion sounds.

4 voice poly including tuneable Claps, Cowbell, Guira and a Crash Cymbal.

Available on Black Friday.

Prerelease closed 2HP Black Friday 808

November 1, 2016


The prerelease for the 2HP Black Friday edition 808 Module is now closed.
It will be reopened for the 10 remaining modules on Black Friday.

Until 24:00 on Black Friday the 25th the price is only $35 and after that $50.

The module is 4 voice polyphonic with a pitch CV knob and jack.

Measuring just 2HP it is probably the smallest poly drum module in the world.
A great vintage sound in a tiny space.


The 2HP “Black Friday” 808 Module

October 26, 2016

Probably the smallest 4 voice eurorack drum module in the world?

With CV pitch knob and jack!

Will be $35 on Black Friday.


The 808 Nano module

October 20, 2016

A cheaper version of the 808 module with only 4 sounds: Kick, Snare, Hihat and Cymbal is released today.

Still the same great 808 vintage sound.

Order the 808 Nano 4HP module $50


If you want to DIY or have a Nanodrum with a chip socket, the chip is available for order.

Order the Nano808 chip $15


And how does it sound?

Well the same great sound as the u808 Vintage!

Is it a VL-1 Rhythm? Da Da Da!

October 18, 2016

Available now!

Get the famous cheesy toy rhythms for only $50


The dsp-G1 Source Code Released

October 13, 2016


You find it in the menu to the right.



Error Instruments picks up the DSP line

October 7, 2016

Error Instruments in the Netherlands are picking up the DSP Synthesizers line of modules.

Make sure you check in at for some cool modules.

the Drum8 source code for the dsp-Host module available

October 1, 2016


Now you can flash the Drum8 code on an ATtiny85 for use on the dsp-Host module.

The source code is available in the right hand side menu.


The Drum8 Goes Open Source

September 26, 2016

The dsp-D8 is a great drum chip with its 8 voice polyphonic playing capabilities. But the 28-pin DIP can be quite large for DIY projects.

The Drum8 is much smaller with a 14-pin DIP footprint hosting still the same 8 voice polyphony adding a global pitch CV and a true analog accent input.

The trigger inputs has change to rising edge detection and it now runs on the ATtiny84.

And the best of all,
It goes open source this week with the code posted here in the right side menu.


Drum8 Vintage available

September 12, 2016

The Drum8 Vintage is available from today.

Featuring the new u808 chip it has 8 polyphonic vintage drum sounds.

If you already have a Drum8 module the chip is a drop in replacement.


Order the u808 chip $20 including international shipping


The module is a limited edition run and only available in a series of 10 modules.

Sound inspired by the classic 808 rhythm composer.

Featuring 8 Positive edge trigger inputs it also has a global analog accent CV input with a range of +6db to +48db, a global tune knob and a CV for sample rate modulation of 15% to 400% and a mono Output.