Testing the mini-TS board

April 13, 2017

Running the display with the Adafruit SSD1306 library.


The mini-TS project page is active

April 13, 2017


You’ll find it in the menu to the right.

The project is now also up on Indiegogo

mini-TS PCB now available

April 12, 2017

mini-TSbatbox_1024(The base in the picture is the 3V battery box)


Get the PCB and join the DIY build from start.

Order the mini-TS PCB $29

Order the mini-TS PCB + Chip $59

Order the mini-TS Kit $79

Order the mini-TS Prebuilt $99

The same PCB can be built in 3 configurations:

The CV keyboard config
The simplest config is for using it just as a CV/Gate keyboard for modular gear. This mode is selected by shorting Pin17 and Pin18 on the chip.


The WASP config
This config uses CV/Gate/MIDI-IO and 6 external potentiometers for a WASP style synthesizer. This mode is selected by shorting Pin18 and Pin19 on the chip. This is the same config the Tiny-TS uses.


The full config
This uses a rotary encoder and a 128×32 OLED for synth parameter entry. It also has 2 CV inputs on the TRS jack rings and MIDI-IO.


mini-TS preorders

April 8, 2017


For those of you that signed up on the mini-TS preorder list, I’ll contact you within a week to get specs of what you want.

PCB, Kit or Prebuilt.

There are still spots remaining on the preorder list

Preorder the mini-TS $1
(The $1 will be repaid on delivery)


mini-TS – 2 Octave Touch Synthesizer

April 3, 2017


The Tiny-TS got bigger!
Say hello to the pocket WASP.

It now features a 2 octave touch keyboard in 165x65mm.

Still the same great synth engine, CV/Gate output and now also added MIDI IN/OUT.

The mini-TS can be built in a number of configurations  depending on if you want to use it as a synth, CV controller or MIDI controller.

Clickable rotary encoder and 128×32 graphic OLED display for parameter entry.
3.5mm Stereo jack audio output.
3.5mm Stereo Jack for CV 1volt/octave output and 1 CV input.
3.5mm Stereo jack for Gate output and 1 CV input.
PCB pads for MIDI Rx & Tx signals.
(The stereojacks are TRS-type so the CV inputs are on the ring.)

It will be open-source just like the Tiny-TS.

Coming at end of April.

Estimated pricing:
PCB only $29
Full kit $79
Prebuilt $99

Make sure you get one by booking on the preorder list.

Preorder the mini-TS $1
(The $1 will be repaid on delivery)





Micro-TS Spring offer

March 16, 2017

During this week you can have the Micro-TS PCB + Chip for only $25.
It is easy to build and great as a first DIY synth.

Order the Micro-TS PCB + Chip $25




DSP Synthesizers – Chips for DIY

March 8, 2017

If you want synth chips for your DIY projects, the DSP Synthesizers site is a goldmine.


At http://www.dspsynth.eu you’ll find oscillator, drum and many other chips for your projects.



The Micro-TS – Keyfob Touch Synthesizer

February 28, 2017

If you think the Tiny-TS is small then think again.

The Micro-TS is keyfob sized, 61x41mm but still features the same specs as the Tiny-TS.

It runs on 3V so a CR2016 button cell works just fine.
The analog knobs have a trim potentiometer footprint.
Output is a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

It still has CV/Gate outputs but they are just pads on the PCB edge.

Only 50 available in the first batch.

Order the Micro-TS PCB $20

Order the Micro-TS PCB+Chip $40



The JVS-01 Semi Analog Synth Chip

February 22, 2017

New chip for 2017!

The JVS-01 is a semi-analog synthesizer voice in a 8-pin DIP.

The chip implements a Juno-style synthesizer voice with a saw integrator DCO, 24dB lowpass biquad filter with resonance, DCA with 1024 level amplitude control and a 512 stage DDL Chorus.

The chorus can be turned on or off.

The signal chain is 96dB 16-bit DSP and the DAC runs a 1MHz PDM signal.

Internal processing is done at a 66KHz sample rate.

The chip can be used as a voice chip for an analog voltage controlled synthesizer.

All CV inputs handle positive 0-5 volt input and the DCO pitch conforms to a 1v/Oct frequency response, 5 octaves, 61Hz – 2KHz range.

Order the JVS-01 Chip $20




Thanks for supporting the Tiny-TS

January 10, 2017