Tiny-TS 2-OP FM Firmware Released

December 16, 2016

There is now an alternate firmware for the Tiny-TS credit card synthesizer.

It features a 2 operator FM sound engine instead of the original Resonant peak engine.

The Tiny-TS is available at Kickstart







Tiny-TS, 95% funded with 23 days left

December 15, 2016

The Tiny-TS synth is 95% funded on Kickstarter with 23 days left of the campaign.
So pledge the final 5% and you will most certainly get your Tiny-TS synth.

When the Kickstarter is funded additional firmware will be released.

One firmware makes the gate output into a MIDI output instead for controlling MIDI-Synthesizers.

And also a new sound engine with a 2-operator FM synth.



The TinyTS – Also on Kickstarter

December 8, 2016

Now also on Kickstarter


The build thread is available here:


The Tiny TS – A DIY Touch Synthesizer

November 28, 2016


The Tiny TS is a credit card sized (100x65mm) fully open-sourced synthesizer with a 1-octave capacitive touch keyboard.

It has Audio/CV/Gate outputs and 6 synth parameter dials.

If you don’t like the onboard sound of the synth, the CV’s output 1V/oct and Gate from the keyboard so teams well with my other oscillator chips.

This will be this christmas DIY kit to play with.

The synthesizer parameter knobs are:
DCO: Coarse pitch and Double. The CV out follows the keyboard and coarse pitch.
DCF: Filter peak and ENVmod.
ENV: Attack and Release affecting amplitude.

And it will be cheap:
$20 for the PCB only.
$30 for PCB and a preprogrammed chip.
$50 for full kit with all the parts.
$60 prebuilt plug&play.

Support the http://igg.me/at/TinyTS Indiegogo campaign to get one.



The 827 2HP Percussion module

November 9, 2016


The 827 Percussions is a 2HP module that assists the 808 module with percussion sounds.

4 voice poly including tuneable Claps, Cowbell, Guira and a Crash Cymbal.

Available on Black Friday.

Prerelease closed 2HP Black Friday 808

November 1, 2016


The prerelease for the 2HP Black Friday edition 808 Module is now closed.
It will be reopened for the 10 remaining modules on Black Friday.

Until 24:00 on Black Friday the 25th the price is only $35 and after that $50.

The module is 4 voice polyphonic with a pitch CV knob and jack.

Measuring just 2HP it is probably the smallest poly drum module in the world.
A great vintage sound in a tiny space.


The 2HP “Black Friday” 808 Module

October 26, 2016

Probably the smallest 4 voice eurorack drum module in the world?

With CV pitch knob and jack!

Will be $35 on Black Friday.


The 808 Nano module

October 20, 2016

A cheaper version of the 808 module with only 4 sounds: Kick, Snare, Hihat and Cymbal is released today.

Still the same great 808 vintage sound.

Order the 808 Nano 4HP module $50


If you want to DIY or have a Nanodrum with a chip socket, the chip is available for order.

Order the Nano808 chip $15


And how does it sound?

Well the same great sound as the u808 Vintage!

Is it a VL-1 Rhythm? Da Da Da!

October 18, 2016

Available now!

Get the famous cheesy toy rhythms for only $50


The dsp-G1 Source Code Released

October 13, 2016


You find it in the menu to the right.