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New Demo for the LM1 Module

December 14, 2018


The maxiTS – DIY Fullsize 37 key touch synth

October 29, 2018

Can you build a fullsize touch synth like the WASP today?

More on this  DIY project will come.

PCB and chips will be available here:



EOL for the DIY dsp-G1 8-pin synth chip

October 15, 2018


Sorry to say but the dsp-G1 synthesizer chip is end of Life as NXP has
ceased production on the NXP LPC-810 8-pin ARM in a 8-pin DIP.

The dsp-G1 is a very popular DIY synth chip introduced 4 years ago.

The remaining stock available here:

and at Adafruit:

will be sold out and no more available.

A sad day for the DIY community indeed!

Arduino R3 DIY Starter Pack

October 2, 2018


Get it here!

Trellis Feather dsp-G1 synthesizer

May 21, 2018


John Parks has released the Trellis Feather dsp-G1 synthesizer over at Adafruit Learning.

“The DSP-G1 makes beautiful, classic paraphonic synth sounds, similar to the famous 1980s Roland Juno-6. You can play up to five notes at once, each with three oscillators, and you can dial in multiple wave shapes, detuning, LFO, 24db filter, ADSR envelopes for the amplifier and filter, and more!
The Feather M0 Express can read your Trellis keypad buttons and potentiometer knobs and then send these commands to the synth chip as MIDI messages.”

The dsp-G1 celebrates a 4 year anniversary this week.

During this week the dsp-G1 chip is only $10 at

O2 Minipops DIY Kit available

May 15, 2018

Now at

New RMX-6 Drumchip

May 15, 2018


The RMX6 is a complete PCM Drum Synthesizer in a 28-pin DIP with 6 separate outputs and MIDI control.

It features 6 separate trig inputs and 6 separate analog tune inputs.

1 input for +6dB accent and 6 separate mono outputs.

It also features at MIDI input for drum triggering on CH#16.


Download PDF manual

Available at

R606 MK-II

May 14, 2018

Only $149!



May 4, 2018


The preprogrammed Digispark DIY USB-MIDI to CV board is now available in the webshop.

Awarded Top-40 Synthesizer Blogs

April 20, 2018


DIY Synthesizers was awarded as one of the top 40 synthesizers blogs 2018 by Feedspot

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