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Frontpanel ready for the dsp-Mx Multimode filter

October 31, 2014

Here is the frontpanel for the dsp-Mx filter.

All parameters have 0-5v CV inputs, even the filter mode can be CV controlled.

And the best, all of the CV inputs run at sample frequency so modulation at audio frequency will do lots of funny stuff 🙂



The dsp-Mx Schematics

October 20, 2014


The dsp-Mx breadboarded

October 18, 2014

PSoC4-MINI Blinky

The dsp micro modular line coming up

October 17, 2014

In the next few days the first module of the dsp micro modular line will come up on the site.

This line consists of single DSP chips accepting analog signals and made for DIY builders.

The other chips in the line will be the dsp-Vx, a DCO/FM/Wavetable oscillator and the dsp-Ax, DCA/Chorus/Flanger chip.

PSoC4-MINI Soldered

The dsp-Mx features a +24db 4-pole ladder filter with cutoff and resonance.

The filter is multimode and have selectable LP, HP and BP modes.

It’s controlled through 0-5v CV inputs or MIDI-CC messages, simultaneously.

Input audio is analog -+2.5v with a 96KHz samplerate and output is 16-bit PCM.

Yes, it can be used equally well with MIDI sequencers or analog sequencers. The multimode ladder filter of your dreams.

The DSP chip is a TSSOP-28 but the kit is delivered with it soldered on a breakout board. As simple as the dsp-G1 so it’s for anyone to play with.

You can use it with any audio, synth or VCO/DCO signal.

And the price?
Around $70, cheap for a DIY DSP multimode filter.

Make sure you order one of these.