The 4HP dspX Platform


The dspX is a 4HP programmable DSP module.

It can be whatever you program it to do.
Oscillator, Synthesizer, Drums, MIDI to CV in/out.

  • 2 CV inputs with attenuators
  • 1 Gate/trig/USB input
  • 1 DC coupled output
  • USB input for programming or MIDI control

USB requires a special cable for plugging into INPUT 3 jack.


The USB-MIDI interface is class compliant and requires no drivers.
Supports Windows, iOS and Android.

The back of the PCB has a DSP port for expansion of the capabilities.

The module stores the last program in non-volatile memory and works as standalone module.

The module is delivered with the Solina string synth software preinstalled.
Monophonic with CV/Gate or Polyphonic played over USB-MIDI.

Available at the Webshop for $99.


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