Rx8 Drum Module


The Rx8 is a 8 voice polyphonic drum module in a 4HP space.

It has that iconic vintage 808 sound and those snappy analog beats including Kick, Snare, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Tom, Claps Cowbell and Rimshot.

The sound is selected with a knob or CV and crossfades 2 adjacent sounds on the scale.

It is polyphonic meaning once a triggered sound is in decay it wont be interrupted or cut by a new trigger unless it’s the same sound.


Each drum is also tuneable with the Tone knob and the Tone-CV is read only at trigger time so pitch is also polyphonic.

The module can be played with a 1 channel analog sequencer (CV/Gate) or direct from a CV/Gate keyboard.

The trig-input is positive-edge triggered and the output is a mono mix of the playing drums.

The module is built with Thonkiconn jacks, 808-knobs and a screen-printed aluminum panel.

The module uses a custom designed chip not available for DIY but the u808 chip, using the same sound, is available at http://webshop.dspsynth.eu



  • 8 Drum sounds: Bass, Snare, Closed hat, Open hat, Tom, Claps, Cowbell and Rimshot selectable by knob and CV.
  • 40Khz 12-bit PCM sample rate, 15%  – 400% playback rate.
  • Adjacent sounds on the scale crossfades into each other so midway between BD and SD it will play a 50/50 mix.
  • Polyphonic Tone knob for tuning, CV Control-able.
    It samples the CV when a drum is triggered.
  • Positive edge Trig input.
  • Mixed mono output.
  • Screen printed aluminum panel.
  • Eurorack 10-pin IDC Power connector. 12v 40mA

(Note: The drum chip is not available for DIY. They are exclusive to the Rx8-module)

$149 including shipping.

Available at: http://webshop.dspsynth.eu


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