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3HP Paperface Camelion

August 18, 2017

The 3HP DSP Module is available now.


Demo of what a CZ-VCO can do

August 9, 2017

One really capable VCO in 3HP and a favorite demo of mine:

Order the 3HP CZ-VCO $49

The CZ-VCO is now open-source and found in the Paperface menu to the right.

The dsp-G2 available now

August 6, 2017



dsp-G2 model

3 years after the release of the popular dsp-G1 analog modelling synthesizer the dsp-G2 is now released.

The gen-2 chip has better features:

  • Fully polyphonic DCO with pitchbend and Detune
  • LFO can now modulate the DCO pitch and pulse width
  • 6dB HPF
  • 24dB LPF with Resonance
  • Filter ENV
  • Can run on MIDI Ghost power
  • SOIC-20 SMT package

The chip is available now for $30 and the carrier PCB that allows it to be built into a MIDI-DIN plug for $10.

Order the dsp-G2 synth chip $30

Order the dsp-G2 MIDI PCB $10




JVS-01 Chip still available for $10

August 5, 2017


You can still get the JVS-01 Semi Analog Synth Voice chip for $10.

Build your own bass synth with minimal components.

Order the JVS-01 $10