mini-TS PCB now available

mini-TSbatbox_1024(The base in the picture is the 3V battery box)


Get the PCB and join the DIY build from start.

Order the mini-TS PCB $29

Order the mini-TS PCB + Chip $59

Order the mini-TS Kit $79

Order the mini-TS Prebuilt $99

The same PCB can be built in 3 configurations:

The CV keyboard config
The simplest config is for using it just as a CV/Gate keyboard for modular gear. This mode is selected by shorting Pin17 and Pin18 on the chip.


The WASP config
This config uses CV/Gate/MIDI-IO and 6 external potentiometers for a WASP style synthesizer. This mode is selected by shorting Pin18 and Pin19 on the chip. This is the same config the Tiny-TS uses.


The full config
This uses a rotary encoder and a 128×32 OLED for synth parameter entry. It also has 2 CV inputs on the TRS jack rings and MIDI-IO.



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