mini-TS – 2 Octave Touch Synthesizer


The Tiny-TS got bigger!
Say hello to the pocket WASP.

It now features a 2 octave touch keyboard in 165x65mm.

Still the same great synth engine, CV/Gate output and now also added MIDI IN/OUT.

The mini-TS can be built in a number of configurations  depending on if you want to use it as a synth, CV controller or MIDI controller.

Clickable rotary encoder and 128×32 graphic OLED display for parameter entry.
3.5mm Stereo jack audio output.
3.5mm Stereo Jack for CV 1volt/octave output and 1 CV input.
3.5mm Stereo jack for Gate output and 1 CV input.
PCB pads for MIDI Rx & Tx signals.
(The stereojacks are TRS-type so the CV inputs are on the ring.)

It will be open-source just like the Tiny-TS.

Coming at end of April.

Estimated pricing:
PCB only $29
Full kit $79
Prebuilt $99

Make sure you get one by booking on the preorder list.

Preorder the mini-TS $1
(The $1 will be repaid on delivery)






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