The Revenge Of The EPROM ZIF Socket

Remember the old Simmons drums and the more recent ddrum systems that carried that magic ZIF (zero insertation force) sockets?

Sounds replaceable by just swapping chips in a socket without tools?
Those days are back.


The 4HP DDM module does that and more.

It allows you to swap the sound chip with just your fingers, even during a live performance.

But it gives you more than the old EPROMs did.
The chip does not only contain sample data but also the entire DSP algorithm programmed.

It features 4 analog/digital CV inputs and a parameter knob.
1 mono analog output.

And you can program it yourself because it’s an ATtiny 44/84.
Yes, it works in the Arduino IDE envoirement.

This is really a tribute to the old technology with some 21’st century tech in it.

Enjoy programming your own modules and swapping chips.

Order the DDM ZIF Socket DSP Module $99



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