The 4HP Nano Drum Series Release

Starting today we are shipping the new 4HP Nano series modules.
The drum modules have classic sounds including:

R606 Vintage drums, R727 Latin Percussions, CR-4 Compurhythm, Drumfox Synth Percussion, SP-4 Drumulatin, DX 80’s classic and Lm-1 classic.

All modules have 4 rising edge trig inputs and a global tune knob with input CV.

Single +12v/5mA power eurobus 10-pin IDC connector.
10-pin/16-pin ribbon Cable and mounting screws included.

Order the Nano Drum 4HP Module $120
(Make a note of which module you want or you will get the R606)

4HP Nano Drum Series



6 Responses to “The 4HP Nano Drum Series Release”

  1. Jeff Schenk Says:

    Hey when I went through paypal I was not able to select which module as no comment section ever appeared for me for some reason. I just sent you an email with my transaction ID and which module I wanted. Hope that works?

  2. Matt Jackson Says:

    Are they sample based? If not cool! But also I would LOVE something like this with an SD slot to allow me to load my own.

    You use a rising edge trigger. Is there a way to do cv of volume as there would be with accent in a drum machine?

    • janostman Says:

      Yes, these are sample based. No, they cant do accent. This is to be able to do polyphonic drums in 4HP. I have other modules that can do DSP modelling of sounds and accent like the dsp-Host.

    • janostman Says:

      But I’m working on the 4HP uDSP. It has a USB connector on the front and allows you to upload your own samples and DSP-patches.

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