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Release for the K8 Harmonic VCO/LFO Chip

June 30, 2016

The K8 is an upgraded version of the K5/KL5 Additive VCO chip.

1V/Oct Pitch CV for the fundamental frequency.
7 CV inputs for the 1st to 7th harmonic level
1 Sync input
1 Range select input for operating as an LFO or VCO

Application manual available here:

Available for orders now.

Order the K8 Harmonic VCO Chip $20




Solina keyboard house synth with reverb

June 29, 2016

Evaluating some Accutronics BTDR-2 reverb bricks.

These will turn my Solina string synth into a real house synth.

When these keyboards turn into some hype, I’m not sure how to manage distributing them around the globe?


100% Virtual Analog Drum Module Coming up!

June 22, 2016


No wavetables or sampling besides required of the algorithm

Just pure VA.


The 4HP CZ-VCO Module

June 18, 2016


The 4HP CZ-VCO module is a phase distortion oscillator in a 4HP module.

It replicates the famous PD waveform and can make resonant sweeps without a filter.

Based on the CZ-1 chip ( it features a 1V/Octave pitch input with a 5 octave range and a modulation index CV input with a range of 0.125x – 16x. Both inputs have an attenuator knob doubling as a parameter dial when the CV’s are not plugged in.

It also has a simple Gate VCA input that enables it to be used as a complete synth if you don’t have any EG and VCA modules, i.e with an analog sequencer it will perform as an acid box.

Available as pre built and DIY kit modules.

Order the CZ-VCO Prebuilt $99

Order the CZ-VCO Kit $75


DIY PCBs and kits for all 4HP modules

June 16, 2016

Orders are available now for PCBs and kits for all DSP Synthesizer 4HP modules.

Chips are available at:

If you want a full kit with PCB, Panel and all the parts, pots and jacks:

Order the 4HP Module kit $75

Panel and knobs are included in the kits.
You can choose a kit for any of the modules at:

Make a note of which module the parts in the kit is for.

Order the DRUM8 PCB $20

Order the DRUM PCB $15

Order the dsp-Host PCB $15

International shipping is included.





The DRUM8 4HP Module

June 11, 2016

The DRUM8 4HP Module is an 8-voice polyphonic drum sample module with 8 drum sounds.

Sounds include Kick, Snare, Hihat, Tom, Clap, Cowbell, Clave and Cabasa.

Featuring 8 positive edge trig inputs it also has a global analog accent CV input with a range of +6dB to +48dB, a global Tune knob and CV for a sample rate modulation of 15% to 400% rate and a mono audio output.

It’s a great drumset in just 4HP but add the MONODRUM module below and it makes an even greater kit in only 8HP.

Order the DRUM8 Module $180



June 11, 2016

The MONODRUM 4HP Module is a drum sample module with a single drum sound.
It’s purpose is to add hithat, crash or ride samples to any analog drum modules that normaly does not include these sampled sounds.

It also pairs well with our other 4HP drum modules that does not include these longer sampled sounds.

Featuring a positive edge trig input it also has an analog accent CV input with a range of +6dB to +48dB, a Tune knob and CV for a sample rate modulation of 15% to 400% rate and a mono audio output.

It is delivered with a ride sample but can of course host other samples.
The chip is socketed and can be replaced.

Order the Monodrum Module $89


The Revenge Of The EPROM ZIF Socket

June 10, 2016

Remember the old Simmons drums and the more recent ddrum systems that carried that magic ZIF (zero insertation force) sockets?

Sounds replaceable by just swapping chips in a socket without tools?
Those days are back.


The 4HP DDM module does that and more.

It allows you to swap the sound chip with just your fingers, even during a live performance.

But it gives you more than the old EPROMs did.
The chip does not only contain sample data but also the entire DSP algorithm programmed.

It features 4 analog/digital CV inputs and a parameter knob.
1 mono analog output.

And you can program it yourself because it’s an ATtiny 44/84.
Yes, it works in the Arduino IDE envoirement.

This is really a tribute to the old technology with some 21’st century tech in it.

Enjoy programming your own modules and swapping chips.

Order the DDM ZIF Socket DSP Module $99


New uLM1 chip

June 8, 2016

The new uLM1 chips features 8 polyphonic drum sounds in a 14-pin DIP chip.
8 Rising edge triggers, global tune CV 15% – 400% frequency and a global analog accent CV with a 6dB – 48dB range.

Sounds include Kick, Snare, Hihat, Tom, Clap, Cowbell, Clave and Cabasa.

Very easy to interface into DIY Projects and a great 80’s drum kit.

Available now at $20 including international shipping.

Order the uLM1 chip



Älmhult Kastrull – The 8th module in the 4HP Nano series

June 3, 2016

The Älmhult Kastrull is 4HP Drum module with industrial percussion sounds.
The 4 sounds are samples of IKEA kitchen pots, whisks and pans.
(Kastrull is the Swedish word for kitchen pot.)

The module have 4 rising edge trig inputs and a global tune knob with input CV.

Single +12v/5mA power eurobus 10-pin IDC connector.
10-pin/16-pin ribbon Cable and mounting screws included.

Order the Älmhult Kastrull 4HP Nano module $99