The Drum – 4HP euro drum module

The Drum is a 4 voice polyphonic drum module in 4HP euro rack format.

The module is DSP based and loaded with some classic vintage sounds.
The sound chip is replaceable so the sounds can be upgraded and changed.

5 different soundchip’s are available at purchase:
S01: 70’s rhythmbox sounds
S02: 80’s classic drum machine sounds
S03: Latin percussions sounds
S04: 909 style sounds
S05: 606 style sounds

4 voice polyphonic
4 drum trig inputs
1 CVinput/Knob for global pitch
1 Mono mix output

The module requires only +12v/4mA

Available now for $120 including international shipping.
(Leave a note of the drum sound style you want included)

Order the Drum 4HP module $120

The Drum is also available in the shop.



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