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The dsp-Ahost

April 30, 2016

Same engine but with an Audio input interface instead of CV3.

The dsp-Ahost have the CV3 input AC coupled for making Audio FX style modules.

The Ahost is delivered with a chip programmed to be a MN3009 256 step BBD.
CV inputs for Clock rate and feedback.

Order the dsp-Ahost $99 including international shipping




dsp-Host a 4HP eurorack ATtiny85 module

April 28, 2016


The 4HP eurorack module has a 8-pin DIP socket on the outside like the old Simmons EPROM drums that host an ATtiny85 MCU.

Like an Ardcore or Euroduino it can host whatever you program yourself into an ATtiny85.
Anything from simple VCO’s, LFO’s and other oscillators to complete drum sounds and complex FM voices.

2 analog/CV inputs with attenuators and 1 cv analog/digital input jack.
1 audio output jack.

It is supplied with the necessary library/core interface for writing any DSP application you want with the Arduino IDE and playing it in your eurorack synthesizer.


The dsp-Host is shipping now for $99 and is supplied with a preprogrammed chip for instant playing.

Order the dsp-Host $99 including international shipping

Download the PDF manual



The Drumfox 6HP synth percussion module

April 25, 2016


The Drumfox 6HP drum module is now available for purchase.

It features 4 trig inputs and a tone input.

It’s available at

Or right here:

Order the Drumfox module $99 including international shipping

The CR-4 6HP Euro Drum Module

April 24, 2016

The CR-4 chip/6HP drum module is now available for purchase.

It features 4 trig inputs and a tone input.

Order the DIY chip at

Order the CR-4 module $99 including international shipping


Release for the FM1 2-op OPLL chip

April 20, 2016

A 2 operator Phase Modulation oscillator in a 8-pin DIP.

The oscillator structure is the classic OPLL FM.

Order the FM1 chip $15 including international shipping.