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Release for the R-404 Vintage Drums

March 8, 2016

The chip is a Vintage drum synthesizer in a 14-pin DIP.

4 drum sounds, BD, SD, HH, CY.

4 trigger inputs.
4 level CV inputs.
1 Mono output.

Order the R-404 chip $20




New! The uO2 Micropop Rhythmbox

March 7, 2016


Yes, same sound as the O2 Minipop but smaller chip.

16 selectable rhythm patterns, tempo and run/stop inputs.
Audio and clock/reset outputs for sync.

2.7 – 5 volt operation.

The fameous JM Jarre Oxygene rhythm in an 8-pin DIP.


A sure first time DIY winner.

Order the uO2 Chip for $15 including shipping

Release for the CZ1 Phase distorsion chip

March 3, 2016

Like those Casio CZ phase distorsion sounds?
Make resonant sweeps without a filter.

This chip is a PD oscillator in a 8-pin DIP.

CV’s for pitch and modulator.

Shipping now for $20 or a 2-pack for $30.

Order the CZ1 PD OSC chip

Order 2-pack CZ1 chips