The K5 – 8-pin DIP Additive synth oscillator.

The K5 is a 5 sine oscillator in a 8-pin DIP.

1 analog pitch input CV for the fundamental. 1v/oct.
4 analog levels CV for level of the 4 overtones.

This is the synth that requires no filter for shaping. because you can modulate the harmonic content of the fundamental frequency.

$15 including shipping.

Order the K5 chip

There is also a LFO  version of the chip, the KL5 Harmonic LFO.
Same function but LFO-range of the fundamental frequency.

Order the KL5 chip







6 Responses to “The K5 – 8-pin DIP Additive synth oscillator.”

  1. Gary Says:

    Hi Jan
    Will you be writing a manual/user guide?

  2. Gary Says:

    I’ve ordered thenLFO version. What is the frequency range?

  3. Gary Says:

    Thanks. 0,1 would have been useful, but 0,5 is OK

  4. Adam Says:

    It would be nice to hear a demo of the output from this chip.

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