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The K5 – 8-pin DIP Additive synth oscillator.

February 6, 2016

The K5 is a 5 sine oscillator in a 8-pin DIP.

1 analog pitch input CV for the fundamental. 1v/oct.
4 analog levels CV for level of the 4 overtones.

This is the synth that requires no filter for shaping. because you can modulate the harmonic content of the fundamental frequency.

$15 including shipping.

Order the K5 chip

There is also a LFO  version of the chip, the KL5 Harmonic LFO.
Same function but LFO-range of the fundamental frequency.

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The dsp-MIDI2CV

February 5, 2016

To be able to demo my modules I had to build a MIDI to CV interface.

Featuring 8 trig/gate outputs listening to MIDI CH-10 and 1 CV/Gate listening to MIDI CH-1 it’s quite a good module for my 36HP desktop box.

This one can’t be ordered but I’ll put up schematics and source code as soon as it’s stable.


Release for the Drum Fox 6HP module

February 4, 2016

The 6HP Drum Fox percussion module is shipping.
Featuring 4 virtual analog modelled sounds and a Tune CV.


It can be ordered both as a kit, $75, and prebuilt for $99.

Order the Drum Fox kit

Order the Drum Fox prebuilt