mono – Open source synthesizer

Now let’s build a synthesizer on the Arduino Nano platform.

The mono is a monophonic synth but has a paraphonic oscillator so you can play chords. The synth architecture is a basic 2 DCO, 1 DCF and 1 DCA.

We’ll start with a donor keybed.
I’ve used the Swissonic49 4-octave full sized keyboard with pitchbend and modwheel.
While not a Fatar bed, is it quite a good quality full sized keyboard.


You’ll find the full Project here:

Build the mono synth

My work on these free synthesizers is based on donations from people.
If you find the code useful, please consider a $3 donation to keep future developments open source.

Chips for building DIY synthesizers can be found at:


One Response to “mono – Open source synthesizer”

  1. The miniMO Is An 8-bit, Open Source Modular Synthesizer – Synthtopia Says:

    […] Note: Developer Jan Ostman also created a synth with the name miniMO. It has since been renamed to Mono. Details are available at Ostman’s site. […]

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