Release for the CR-4/DR-55 6HP rev2 PCB

The rev2 PCB has arrived.

It has a presoldered SMD SOIC-8 version of chip and a 10-pin bus power header. 5volt LDO regulator onboard for 12v Power.


The board is made for Thonkiconn jacks and a 6HP panel.

If you dont want to use the board for a euromodule it can be sawed off at the D1-D4 diodes and used for non euro projects.

You can order it for  $45 including international shipping.
Please add a note for what sound you want programmed into the board, DR-55, CR-4 or RW.

Order the rev2 PCB





6 Responses to “Release for the CR-4/DR-55 6HP rev2 PCB”

  1. Johnson Says:

    Nearly don’t dare to ask but are the directions of the diodes d1-d4 intented to be as printed on the pcb? According to my basic electronic understanding they should be turned around so that the cathodes are connected to the chip’s trigger pins.

    Sorry for maybe asking a stupid questiin and/or confusing others but many thanks for your adivce.

    • janostman Says:

      Yes, the negative side against the jacks.

      It’s not what you Think. They are protection diodes.

      When the input is pulled low the chip input is pulled low and when brought high it blocks and the chips internal pullup brings the pin high blocking excessive voltage.

      You’re not wrong in asking, how else would you know. 🙂

      • Johnson Says:

        Thanks for your hint and especially the schematic. thought the diodes were to protect the triggering device. Now it makes sense have to work on my intuitive understanding of pull up resistors 😌

  2. marques Says:

    first of all. interesting project!
    i have 2 questions… any links to sound examples? what comes with shipping..just the pcb or with panel?

    thx in advance.

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