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Release for the CR-4/DR-55 6HP rev2 PCB

December 30, 2015

The rev2 PCB has arrived.

It has a presoldered SMD SOIC-8 version of chip and a 10-pin bus power header. 5volt LDO regulator onboard for 12v Power.


The board is made for Thonkiconn jacks and a 6HP panel.

If you dont want to use the board for a euromodule it can be sawed off at the D1-D4 diodes and used for non euro projects.

You can order it for  $45 including international shipping.
Please add a note for what sound you want programmed into the board, DR-55, CR-4 or RW.

Order the rev2 PCB





8-pin DIP PCB sale

December 21, 2015

I’m selling out the 8-pin DIP PCB over the holidays for just $10.

The PCB works with ‘Thonkiconn’ jack’s.

Panel, jacks and other components are not included.

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Release for the CR4 vintage drum chip

December 11, 2015


Release for the 8-pin DIP dsp-CR4 vintage drum chip.

Analog modelled compurhythm sounds in a small chip.


Order the dsp-CR4

Manuals at


Demo of 5 euro modules

December 11, 2015

dsp-D8/L8 drumchips

December 3, 2015



The dsp-D8 and dsp-L8 drum synthesizer are chips that contains a PCM drumkit in a 28-pin DIP

The D8 have standard drum sounds and the L8 are Latin Percussions.

The chips can be used as voice chips for a drummachine or a drummodule.

They are 8-voice fully polyphonic with 8 separate trig/gate inputs for each voice.
6 of the drums can be separately tuned or modulated by an analog control voltage.
There is an Accent input that boosts all drumsounds by +6dB.

The output is 40KHz 10-bit Sigma-Delta PDM and the chip runs standalone from a
2.7-5 volt power source.

Application manuals can be found at

Order the dsp-D8 for $30 incl international shipping

Order the dsp-L8 for $30 incl international shipping

This is what the dsp-D8/L8 drum chips sounds like out of the box:

These are the chips used in the SP-12 drumulator and Rhythm T727 Euromodules found at