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Release for the CR-4/DR-55 6HP rev2 PCB

December 30, 2015

The rev2 PCB has arrived.

It has a presoldered SMD SOIC-8 version of chip and a 10-pin bus power header. 5volt LDO regulator onboard for 12v Power.


The board is made for Thonkiconn jacks and a 6HP panel.

If you dont want to use the board for a euromodule it can be sawed off at the D1-D4 diodes and used for non euro projects.

You can order it for  $45 including international shipping.
Please add a note for what sound you want programmed into the board, DR-55, CR-4 or RW.

Order the rev2 PCB





8-pin DIP PCB sale

December 21, 2015

I’m selling out the 8-pin DIP PCB over the holidays for just $10.

The PCB works with ‘Thonkiconn’ jack’s.

Panel, jacks and other components are not included.

Order the PCB



Crowdfunding for the CR-4

December 19, 2015

There is a crowdfunding campaign available for the CR-4.


This is to raise funds for futher developement of my modules.

If you don’t want the specific CR-4 module you can always contribute with a single dollar to support the development.

The CR-4 6HP Drum Euro module

December 13, 2015


A great 80’s vintage drum sound in a 6HP module.

The module uses virtual analog modelling to create those vintage sounds.

4 trig inputs and 1 CV global tune input.


A kit with PCB, panel and all the components are now available.

The kit is $99. Prebuilt is $130.

Order the prebuilt CR-4 6HP Drummodule

Order the kit for building the CR-4 Drummodule

Release for the CR4 vintage drum chip

December 11, 2015


Release for the 8-pin DIP dsp-CR4 vintage drum chip.

Analog modelled compurhythm sounds in a small chip.


Order the dsp-CR4

Manuals at


Demo of 5 euro modules

December 11, 2015

The DR-55 1U tile drum machine

December 7, 2015


Might just be one of the smallest drum machines on the planet! Continuing along in our early drum machines theme is the Dr.Rhythm DR-55.


This is based on the dsp-D4 chip drumchip.


If you are a eurorack modular enthusiast and have run out of 3U room, this tile makes it easier than ever to add some old school percussion to your rack.

These will be available through our indiegogo campaign.  Please help support us here:


dsp-D8/L8 drumchips

December 3, 2015



The dsp-D8 and dsp-L8 drum synthesizer are chips that contains a PCM drumkit in a 28-pin DIP

The D8 have standard drum sounds and the L8 are Latin Percussions.

The chips can be used as voice chips for a drummachine or a drummodule.

They are 8-voice fully polyphonic with 8 separate trig/gate inputs for each voice.
6 of the drums can be separately tuned or modulated by an analog control voltage.
There is an Accent input that boosts all drumsounds by +6dB.

The output is 40KHz 10-bit Sigma-Delta PDM and the chip runs standalone from a
2.7-5 volt power source.

Application manuals can be found at

Order the dsp-D8 for $30 incl international shipping

Order the dsp-L8 for $30 incl international shipping

This is what the dsp-D8/L8 drum chips sounds like out of the box:

These are the chips used in the SP-12 drumulator and Rhythm T727 Euromodules found at