The dsp-MP7 chip is released

Do you want a drumchip that sounds like JM Jarre?


The dsp-MP7 chip have the analog sounds from the KEIO MiniPops 7 rythmbox used on the Oxygen album.

This chip is not PCM wavetable playback and have virtual analog modeling oscillators for that true 70’s analog puffs and pops drumsound.

It has trig inputs for the sounds and is the chip that will build the remake of the MiniPops 7, the O2 Analog Drum Machine.

But you can have the chip now if you want those sounds in your own DIY setup.

The chip is $37 including international shipping.

Order the dsp-MP7 chip


Second preview, an 80’s syntpoptrack


2 Responses to “The dsp-MP7 chip is released”

  1. Ben Says:

    hi there,

    this one looks and sounds interesting? directly have some sound scapes in my ear.

    are you using a teensy for triggering the sounds via USB MIDI in this video?


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