The DWS – Digital Wave Shaper Chip

The new Digital Wave Shaper is an 8-pin DIP DSP chip that makes Sawwave output out of any input waveform.

2 wave signal inputs up to 20KHz. Carrier & Modulator.
2 mode inputs for selecting ringmod and hard sync modulation of the 2 signals.
1 PDM output for the Saw signal. (requires a passive LPF).


Works great with the VCDM chip.

3.3v power supply.

Estimated release is Fri 24th Oct.


3 Responses to “The DWS – Digital Wave Shaper Chip”

  1. Gary Says:

    Looking forward to this. When will it be available

  2. janostman Says:

    It is about to be released. I had some bugs in my irst prototype so I couldnt release it.

  3. Alon Says:

    Can’t wait for it to come out!
    Can you contact me on Email? I have some questions about the D1 and the G1

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