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Ninstrument chose the dsp-D8 chip for their new SP-12/Drumulator module

October 19, 2015


Ninstrument chose the DSP Synthesizers dsp-D8 chip for their new SP-12/Drumulator 10HP Eurorack module.

And boy does it sound great.

Here is a demovideo:

Order the chip at:


The DWS – Digital Wave Shaper Chip

October 17, 2015

The new Digital Wave Shaper is an 8-pin DIP DSP chip that makes Sawwave output out of any input waveform.

2 wave signal inputs up to 20KHz. Carrier & Modulator.
2 mode inputs for selecting ringmod and hard sync modulation of the 2 signals.
1 PDM output for the Saw signal. (requires a passive LPF).


Works great with the VCDM chip.

3.3v power supply.

Estimated release is Fri 24th Oct.

The VCDM – Voltage Controlled Digital Modular Chip

October 12, 2015

The VCDO and the VCDF have been deprecated.
They are now joined into a single chip, the VCDM.

Voltage controlled Pulse wave oscillator with separate PW and detuned SUB output.
0-5v CV input for pitch. Range C2-C7. 1volt/octave.
0-5v CV input for pulsewidth 50-95%.
Main osc output 0-5v swing.
SUB osc, -1 octave 0-5v swing.

White Noise Generator
0-5v output.

Voltage controlled digital 18dB lowpass filter with resonance.
0-5v unipolar audio input (can be lifted to +-2.5v bipolar)
0-5v CV input for Cutoff frequency.
0-5v CV input for Resonance.
Filter PDM output with 0-5v swing (requires passive LPF)

Voltage controlled digital amplifier.
0-5v CV input for filter level.

A singel voice analog hybrid synth in one chip.
Same price. $35

Order the VCDM Chip

The manual can be found at the site


If you have ordered either the VCDO or the VCDF you will automatically recive the new chip including both functions.