Release for VCDF filter this week

The VCDF – Voltage Controlled Digital Filter will be released this week.

Both as a DIY chip and a prebuilt modular synth module.

The filter is a lowpass DSP filter with resonance.
76KHz 16-bit resolution and voltage controlled cutoff/resonance.
Works greate with the DSP drum chips for some synth drumsounds.

The prebuilt module is $99.

Order the VCDF Eurorack Module




4 Responses to “Release for VCDF filter this week”

  1. mCKENIC Says:

    Very cool look! I REALLY like the panel design. If it sounds 1/2 as good as it looks, you are on a winner 🙂 Would love to hear this and if you need video demos done hit me up 🙂

    • janostman Says:

      The thing is that I was told not to ever refer the synth I’ve copied in my design.

      We all know where the integrator DCO comes from?

      But I can asure you, It does sound greate!

  2. Alon cohen Says:

    Hey Jan! When can I buy the VCDF? I want to buy few units ASAP 🙂

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