The dsp-L8 PCM Latin Percussions

Do you need Latin rythms?
Percussion kit with 8 sounds and separate trigger inputs.
6 of the sounds can be separatly tuned using 6 analog inputs 0-5v.
40KHz sample frequency.
3-5volt power and no external components besides a passiv LPF.

Sounds include: Agogo, Conga, Cabasa, Timbale, Maracas, Quijada, Chime and Whistle.

Simple to use as a soundchip in an analog drumsynth or module.

This is the TR-727 in a single chip!

In a pair with the dsp-D8 chip they give a complete kit with 16 sounds and 12 of them tuneable.


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2 Responses to “The dsp-L8 PCM Latin Percussions”

  1. deathstarchris Says:

    Interested, but would like to hear a little more in a demo.

  2. Rhythm TR-727 eurorack module | Ninstrument – A Fresh take on an old concept Says:

    […] Do you remember some of the cool unusual drum machines from the 80’s?  The TR-727 was one of the unusual ones as it featured primarily Latin percussion sounds like Bongo’s and Maracas.  Jan Ostman has made a recreation of those sounds and built them into a chip.  More info here: sions/ […]

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