The new dsp-D1 drumsynth chips

Want to build your own drumsynth?

As the dsp-G1 was the smallest synth in the world running on a 8-pin DIP chip, the dsp-D1 will be the smallest drumsynthesizers in the World.

Utilising the same 8-pin DIP chips they listen to MIDI CH-10 (or a TTL-trig signal) to play a drumsound.


They have MIDI-CC parameters for Tune, Decay, Pitch envelope, highpass and lowpassfilter.

With a 44.1KHz 16-bit Sigma-Delta DAC audio output they exist in 4 versions, Kick/Snare, Hi-hats/Claps, Tomdrum/rimshot and a combined (4 drum sounds) chip.

The will be available at the DSP Synthesizer store in March.


2 Responses to “The new dsp-D1 drumsynth chips”

  1. alex erlewein Says:

    When will the dsp d1 be available?
    Greetings alex

    • janostman Says:

      The dsp-D1 will not be designed in an 8-pin DIP due to low memory space.
      It is however available as a 24-pin DIP module with 4 drumsounds in a single chip.

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