The Jupitar-X tabletop synth is now ready

What is it?

A monophonic synth with a single Juno DCO voice.

Oscillator with SAW, SQR/PWM and SUB waveforms.
SUPERSAW unison setting for the SAW waveform.

LFO and AR-envelope.

DSP filter with LPF, HPF and Resonance setting.

MIDI input for note on/off.

5 volt CV/Gate input for oscillator. Frequency range 65-2093Hz (C2-C7).
5 volt CV input for filter cutoff.
External audio input to filter.

Great analog sound.

$330 ready built or $235 for a kit including all parts, knobs, box and frontpanel.
Preorder by sending a mail to




4 Responses to “The Jupitar-X tabletop synth is now ready”

  1. Jason Martin Says:

    Very cool to see ! So the voice chip is anlogue but digitally controlled ? Is there midi CC# for all the parameters ?

    • janostman Says:

      The original Juno-6, 60 and 106 have digitaly controlled oscillators.
      That’s why it’s called a DCO (Digitally Controlled Oscillator).

      It only responds to MIDI note on/off because I want it to be analog as it has CV’s and analog signal path.

      But I could add MIDI-CC’s for everything except the level of saw, square and sub mix pots, they are 100% analog.

  2. Tractuspk Says:

    What midi channel does it respond to? Is it selectable?

  3. janostman Says:

    It is selectable between CH1 or CH4

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