dsp-Gplug MK-II

The dsp-Gplug MK-II will run on the SSOP-16 chip.
Measuring 5mm x 6mm, this chip is even smaller than the dsp-G1 8-pin DIP chip.

The chip makes it the smallest stereo VA-synth in the world for sure!

The MK-II will also be available as a standalone SOIC-20 chip for those you that feel comfortable soldering SMT.


dsp-G1 MK-II SSOP16



7 Responses to “dsp-Gplug MK-II”

  1. Per Mattsson Says:

    Hi! Great project – will the mkII have the same topology as the mkI?

    • janostman Says:

      Yes, the MK-II chip has the same base MIDI-CC’s as the MK-I chip.

      But it’s stereo output, has a stereo chorus/flanger unit that have additional MIDI-CC’s,

      And some other goodies 🙂

  2. Tractuspk Says:

    Please make the CC #’s reassignable on this revision if possible!!! PLEASE!!!

  3. janostman Says:

    That would require SYSEX for the mapping but I’ll see what I can do.

  4. janostman Says:

    I’m also looking at making it modular like the Nord modular and that would also require SYSEX for the patching.

  5. Per Mattsson Says:

    This sound very promising.
    Don’t stop us from using “audio” as modulator even if the chip doesn’t handle it well – the output from an DCO could be used as modulator for a panner or of course to modulate the cut off frequency of a filter, or blend between filter characteristics, run an LFO thru a filter etc etc.

  6. janostman Says:

    The virtual patch cables will all have the same levels and they run at sample rate so anything can modulate anything.

    You can even patch a gate signal to an audio input, even though it might not produce anything useful, it can still be done.

    A logic output flips between -32768 and 32767 and a logic input checks if the input is higher or lower than 0 so routing audio to it might produce some fun effects.

    Patching two outputs to a single input will simply add those two outputs without any level checking so it may overflow.

    But I wont put any constraints on the patching so it can be patched in anyway possible.

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