Back in business

So after having a lot of other things that had to be done, I got some time over to continue the project. First I had to cut the 29 potaxels down to 12mm (1/2 inch) to fit the knobs.

I then started to mount them one by one on the frontpanel.


As I tightened the nuts I managed to make some small scratches in the panel but I can live with them as they are not that obvious.


Whohaa! A whole forest of pots. This will require some amount of wiring I guess.


And finaly the pots and knobs mounted.


This time the pictures are not a simulation but the real thing.




The next update will be the LCD-display and a rotary knob for patch/parameter change.

Until then…



11 Responses to “Back in business”

  1. RichardN Says:

    Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying watching this process unfold – It’s a great project that seems as enjoyable in the doing as it will be in the playing.

  2. janostman Says:

    And now you see why I used a preholed board for the front. There is no way all the knobs and buttons would have been this nicely lined up if I drilled the holes my self.


  3. Mo Pourkhessalian Says:

    nice job. It’s my first visit after nearly two months. I cant wait for it to be completed. good luck.

  4. unmidi Says:

    nice 🙂

  5. fanpap Says:

    A year and a half from your last post, I stumble upon this brilliand blog!! I hope you are still out there…

    I wonder wether you’ve finished your project or not. It is a great project full of potential. I’m thinking of building something like it, based on the intel nano platform for minimum space requirements. How does that sound?

    Please continue your guide.
    Specifically, if you have any code available it would be grate to share.

    Greetings from Greece!

    • janostman Says:

      Yes I’m still here 🙂

      I’ve been working with my heatpump this winter as it has been extremly cold here in Sweden.

      The synthesizer is playable but the fron controls are not finished.

      The intel nano is a perfect platform for this kind of project.


      • fanpap Says:

        I’m so glad to hear that you haven’t abandoned this project!

        If you have a little time to spare, I would like to share a few thoughts.

        First, I want to ask if you plan to put some indicators on the panel to show various parameters (ie leds that show which osc waveform is active). This could be possible with leds below the buttons and some kind of transparent buttons ofcourse. have you put any thought to this? Maybe the lcd will be solely responsible for such things?

        Second (and related to my first issue), I can’t seem to be able to figure out how the front panel will be able to read data from the vst host. For example, the patch name and parameter values after a program change. I was playing with various hosts but could’t find any midi activity when i changed params with the mouse. Does the front panel intended to be output-only?

        Lastly, I noticed in the pictures you uploaded that some pots are mouted upside-down (the soldering “legs” from the top row are in the opposite side of the others). Are they “special” pots or what?

        That’s all (for now) 🙂

        Apologies for my prattle 🙂

      • janostman Says:

        I plan to have an LCD-module that shows the parameter change.

        The panel is intended as output only.

        The reason for some pots turned in other directions is that they would not have fit due to the legs of the pot.

  6. Raul Firmino Says:

    Cheers from Portugal..

    Your Synth really inspires me.
    I want to build one using an classmate or eeepc netbook, but using the original screen from the computer and programming an visual interface with processing, in order to use only 8 knobs and two Joystick (driving through 3 playstation3 alike usb gamepads > glovepie software > virtual midi cables (midiyoke)) to program everything and some keys to switch betwen sections of Sinth1, but the only thing I should see is the values and descriptions in the interface that I’ll build..
    I wonder what values have you used in asio4all for your VA Synth. Also, do you know if it’s possible to read the knob values from Synth1 in order to pass them to my interface??

    Thank you very much for your time, I really hope that someday you’ll finish this awesome project, and by the way, do you know Reaper DAW?? Is very lightweight and version 0.99 is free, perheaps it’ll work better since it’s scriptable and very custom friendly.. 🙂

  7. vivi6sectBojan Says:

    Is it possible to run it monitor-less, and essentially as a one knob for every function without patch saving / loading ?

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