The panel

Tomorrow I’m off to the shop to print and cut my panel so you will see some results in the next few days.

I also have a confession to make, I actually overclocked the board to 250MHz. It ran from the beginning at 200MHz and worked like a charm but I need the extra 50MHz because I have to run extra software for handling the frontpanel and I want it to have a real response. If you twist a knob on the panel and it doesn’t respond instantly then the feel is lost.

I also want you tell you that my next project online will be: A copy of the EMU Emulator II, one of the best sounding sampling keyboards in history. I’ll copy this baby in perfection. I have already written the code for the 8-bit uLaw playback generators and the code for the SSM 4-pole filters.

This will not be a VSTi but a dedicated CPU/Software/Hardware emulation. And I will show you the code aswell (except for the SSM filters) so you may build it yourself.

If anyone is thinking that I’m a fan of Depeche Mode… well, you are right, I am.



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