Just a thought

This is a post about old and new gear. There are people saying “why should you buy old stuff when there is fresh gear to buy?”.  If you buy old stuff you know what sound you are buying.


There are endless discussions saying new sounds are better than old ones.

Are they?

2 days ago I bought a Yamaha CS1x synth second hand. So, all of you are saying  “It is outdated and old!”, why?


The CS1x is the youngest board in my collection but in my ears it sounded nice. I love my keyboards and I hate to depart from each one of them but to call one useless from the other… NO WAY! Every each one of them have their special sound and I love all of them.

In my ears, play your boards and lov’em or ditch’em.

But never say that one is better than another!



3 Responses to “Just a thought”

  1. Mo Pourkhessalian Says:

    Personally I love old synths. My newest synth is a Korg 707 FM synth/keytar which at first I only wanted to use it as a keytar but after I worked with its engine, I could only say wow!
    I never worked with an FM synth before and it really attracted my attention.
    I found FM synthesis much more interesting than sample based synthesis.
    I searched for some user reviews and I found out most users only use that brilliant synth as a midi controller. There were many complaints about its sounds. Some very few said it is a good sounding FM synth. Anyway, my point is new sounds lack the originality.
    Hardly you can find a very specific sound out of these rom-plers of today. I started to create new sounds on korg 707 and I enjoy the result. I remember a reporter asked Jon Lord the same question that you have mentioned here, and also why he mostly used hammond organ instead of synths and he answered modern synthesizers offer a wide range of voices and function but I dont understand that why all sound the same?
    I think he was right.
    By the way, what are your other synths? I am so curious to know.

  2. janostman Says:

    I have
    Roland D50, S10, W30, JV880, D110, MT32
    Yamaha CS1x, TG55, DX21, Y10
    Korg Poly-800
    And a number of MIDI keyboardcontrollers connected to laptops.


  3. Mo Pourkhessalian Says:

    Hi Jan.
    I allwayse wanted to have a D50 and a Yamaha DX member seems tempting.
    My current synths:
    Yamaha: Motif ES7, MM6
    Korg: 707
    Farfisa: Syntorchestra

    I also owned a Roland Juno 106 but there was a major problem with one of its IC’s and I sold it.

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