Panel design

I have recived all the pots, knobs and buttons for the frontpanel so the designpart can begin.


The design is made using Corel Draw and Photoshop. As my wife runs her own T-shirt and print shop I have access to a wide format printer and a Roland GX-24 vinylcutter I can just print and cut the design in full scale and attach it to the panel.


This is what I had in mind. A total of 29 knobs and 37 buttons.



2 Responses to “Panel design”

  1. seb Says:

    completely new to diy synth and midi instruments but nontheless fascinated by it and those who can achieve those instruments…anyway, you might be able to answer a wonder i have. my girlfriend have an old yamaha psr2 completely simple but i would like to know if it possible to use the keyboard to make it a midi controler for music production software ? and if you would have few tips on how i could start on diy synth and controlers, like books or websites for beginers and non electronicians ? thanks a lot

    • janostman Says:

      The Keyboard in the PSR2 is a scanning matrix with diodes on the input rows to prevent ghostkeys when pressing multiple keys at once.
      Just like a computer keyboard works.

      You need to scan it, grounding a singel row input at a time and checking for grounded column outputs.
      This needs some sort of computer to work.

      If the keyboard has a MIDI output it will send whatever keys you play on MIDI CH1 as note on, note off messages, just like any master keyboard.

      Dont know if there are any books out there but you find lots of information if you google for DIY midi controllers.


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