Still waiting for the pots

My pots on backorder should arrive any day now. I also put an order for the grey knobs.  I’ll use a black color for the panel with a dark blue back on the modules, a bit PPG style but very nice looking.


As you see this is as much designing as it is carpenting and electronics and a bit of Photoshop tweeking makes you feel nice when you see the interface come alive.

My control wheels are functional now however the spring I used for the pitchbend is a bit stiff and quirky but it works. I also put in a request to Hermann Sieb for a special version of the VSThost software so let’s hope he is in the mod to compile it for me.


Have you ever seen a keyboard with 4 control wheels? Well, now you have.

Never mind the flowers in the window, they will blomish next year. 😉

My biggest problem now is that whenever I turn it on I don’t get any work done because it’s so much fun playing this thing, it sounds like a real analog synth 🙂



2 Responses to “Still waiting for the pots”

  1. Matthias Says:

    Hey man,

    good stuff here and a great idea.

    You’ve just inspired me! A few months ago I’ve built an an mp3 box, which stands the totally useless in a corner of my room. It has already an LCD and a PIC microcontroller and I am going to turn that thing into a Synth, (and I’ve got 433MHz, yeah! )

    Keep up the good work!

  2. janostman Says:

    Thanks, and good luck with your transformation 🙂


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