Spin the wheels

So I soldered wires between my CC-wheels and a DB-15 (Joystick) connector for attaching to the soundcard.


The wiring diagram looks like this.


Did it work? Well, sort of. They are very unstable but work. It’s like there is some twitching in the pitch from time to time even though your not touching the wheel. It could be a dead center adjustment. I’ll figure the unstabillity out later but it worked.

I have glued these to the frontpanel and are waiting for the glue to dry.




One Response to “Spin the wheels”

  1. Nigel Says:

    This is such a great project. And I totally agree with your statement that all boards are great in their own way. I have old and new synths and while I appreciate many of the features on the new ones there is no way they can replace the old boards. I still use Yamaha FM synths and love the response that some of the patches provide. I also still have a Roland JX8P and there is something about the tone that I have not heard in any of the newer synths. But when I play live with my band my Yamaha Motif certainly is more flexible in covering a variety of sounds for the cover covers we play.

    Just gotta keep em all I guess.

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