Hardware block diagram

This is a block diagram of the hardware components in the synth.


I show this as a block diagram as the actual components are just plugs with no need to solder. This just shows how it’s all connected.



7 Responses to “Hardware block diagram”

  1. Max Says:

    Hi Jan,
    I really like what your doing, great job! I’ve put together a rack synth based on the same concept, but without any external control. What is driving me crazy is the PSU fan! 😦 It’s very noisy. Do you mind to spend some words on what kind of PSU you are using? Well I know there are noiseless fan for purchase, but my project is a very low budget project (I used only spare parts almost of them picked from the trash, currently I’ve spent a total of 0.72 cents on my rack LOL 🙂 ).

    Thanks for reading

    Max 😉

  2. Max Says:

    …also… I’ve planned to put together a keyboard version with knobs, my idea was to disassemble a controller like the Behringer BCR-2000 which I had around… I’m really curious to see what’s your solution for the knobs.

  3. janostman Says:

    The PSU came from a Digital Alpha desktop computer and it only had a fan in the box, not the PSU itself. You could replace the fan in your PSU with a low noise variant to get it quiet.

    The solution for the knobs will be pots connected through 2 analog multiplexers in to an A/D converter. This was way cheaper than using rotary encoders.


  4. Max Says:

    Thanks Jan 😉

  5. Max Says:

    A quick question about the CF. I’ve replaced my HD with a compact flash, anyway the boot time doesn’t seems so fast (it’s a Sandisk 4GB). This is not really an issue for me, anyway what is your boot time?

  6. janostman Says:

    The boottime for a standard win98 is about 30sec. With litePC you can cut it down to 20sec (No Internet Explorer and win95 GUI).

    However I’m using an extremely cut down version of Windows embedded. The footprint is only 18Mb diskspace and it boots in 8sec 🙂

    I suggest you start with litePC. But make sure everything works before you cut it down.


  7. Max Says:

    8 Seconds! :-O It’s incredible!

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