Drilling out the interface

I have decided to use potentiometers on the frontpanel for adjusting parameters. Why did I do that?

First, the cost. Rotary encoders are expensive.
Second, the overall feel of the knobs will be better.

What do you mean better? Rotary knobs have about 24 steps per revolution (unless you toss out a ridiculous amount of money) while pots have, in my case 256 values per 300 degrees.  that makes in my case about 307 steps for the full 360 degrees. That is significant!

I have decided for a maximum total of 32 pots. This is obviously not all parameters available in Synth1 but I have a solution for this, I’ll make this one a “Performance” synthesizer. This means that all the knobs that make any use twisting live is going to be on the front.

Speaking of the front, in the picture you see a perfboard. How could I be so stupid to choose a perfboard for the front? It’s soft, it stinks and IT IS PLAIN UGLY!


Well, it’s not a good choice but there are benefits. I’m really awfull at drilling holes in a straight line and that is required for making a good looking panel. This way I can plan the layout on the computer and put the dials where they should be and everything will be 0 and 90 degrees straight 🙂 Don’t worry about the flexing and the looks, that will be gone when we are ready.

The push buttons needed is just a matter of connecting the buttons to the keyboard controller (Yes, i butchered a perfectly working PC keyboard for use in this project)

How do we do the electronics that make the PC read all of these controls?

Well.. The one’s that hang on will see.



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