MIDI CC Wheels

Ok, let’s construct these wheels


Using a holesaw I cut 4 wheels out of laminated floorboard (hard stuff) that I will attach to the pots.


You see a button beside the pot. This is the solution I selected for the button joystick input. How it works is that you can spinn the wheel and when pushing the wheel to the right there is also a MIDI CC on/off sent. Nice or nice?


I did 4 of these that will be mounted as 2 pairs, Pitchbend/Modulation and AUX CC1/AUX CC2.


 The wheels are siliconed to the potaxels so that they turn but also flex a bit to the side to push the button.

And then they are housed for mounting on the front panel.



 I’ll paint these before mounting. The cardboard on the bottom is just temporary support.

I also spunn a vinyl for inspiration, enjoy!



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