Pitchbend and MOD wheels

While still having problems with the cost of the frontpanel knobs, I have decided to build the pitchbend and modulation wheels this weekend. These are just simple 100Kohm lin pots connected to the joystick interface.


I decided to trow the joystick midi-cc idea out the window because it is hard to find joysticks with 100k pots and that there isn’t really any parameter on the Synth1 that could use XY-control.  I have decided to make 4 wheels instead, pitchbend, modulation and 2 aux.

There are also 4 button inputs in the joystick port and I havent decided yet if I’ll use these as pads (momentary on/off) or as flip-switches (on/off). The could for example turn on or off the ARP or effects. We will see how it comes out.



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