The frontpanel


Looking at rotary encoders for the frontpanel and THEY ARE EXPENSIVE.
5€ each, because i’m using a PC keyboard controller to detect panel input, I need the kind that gives pulses on one set of pins when turning CCW and pulses on another set of pins when turning CW.

The alternative is to use potentiometers, a couple of analog multiplexers and an A/D converter. That will definitly be cheaper but a pain to debug.


The rest is relatively cheap, 2 pots for pitchbend and modulation wheels and an XY-joystick for 2 assignable midi-cc inputs.
The pushbuttons cost allmost nothing.


I most definitly need to decide what parameters I wan’t to control from the panel of the keyboard because adding like 50 rotary encoders to the front will set me back for about 250€ and that is a whole lot more than the hardware in this synth costs.

As i’m using a 20 x 4 LCD panel for feedback I can choose to put some of the less frequently used parameters in the display for selection and use just one rotary encoder to change that parameter.



2 Responses to “The frontpanel”

  1. Branden Says:

    between me and my bro we got enough spares to build a synth! who knew all those years of buying parts for gaming would pay off. found this info off of synthzone and wow is it an eye opener. thanks for showing the on going steps in building a personal va. =)

    • janostman Says:

      However don’t use a 200MHz as I did unless your building a mono-synth.
      Go for as fast CPU as you can spare/afford if you want to run serious plugins.


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