Still doing endurance tests

But I think it is holding up, stable as ever.
I like this one. And I must say it is the best I ever built.
It is so much fun just playing it that I almost don’t wanna continue. The sound and feel of it is just awsome. But hey, a VA synth needs those knobs so I’ll hang on.
My grandchild had a go with it and this is the result.

Yes I know I need some better video quality but we are having so much fun with this new keyboard so please forgive the videos at the moment.



2 Responses to “Still doing endurance tests”

  1. Rob Says:

    For me, it’s all about the cool, retro knobs. I’m sold.

    However, the cabling looks a little messy. Maybe those can be tucked under the keyboard? 😉

    Nice article and clips.



  2. janostman Says:

    I’ll make the cabling nicer but at the moment i’m concentrated on making it work. Rembember that in the pictures there are cables (keyboard, mouse, video and audio) that won’t be there later on.

    However the cabling in the frontpanel will be massive so it has to be tight and nice.


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