Assembly continued (and first test)

At the moment, with everything mounted it look’s like this.


With power to the keyboard, MIDI cable attached from keyboard to the soundcard it was time for testing.

And the darn thing won’t boot without a keyboard (the alphanumeric kind of course). I attached a keyboard and all parts where functional.

Time for the fun part, I attached a floppydrive and did the following:

Boot to DOS

FDISK, Format to system disk and reboot.

Removed the CF and attached it to my computer and copied the WIN98 installation folder to it.

Reinsert CF, reboot and installed WIN98 (To further improve this installation I might use LitePC).

Deactivated virtual memory (You MUST do this if your running from CF).

Edit the MSDOS.SYS with AUTOSCAN=0 to get away with no scandisk at boot.

Installed ASIO4ALL V2

F*** and S*** at the same time, NO ASIO OUTPUT! There was ASIO input but the dreaded “Beyond logic” on the outputs. I spent until 8:30 am in the morning trying to get it to work but no success.

After sleeping for 3 1/2 hours I had a cup of coffe and then I disabled the ASIO inputs and the outputs was there 😦 why didn’t I think of that and why can’t they work at the same time?

Installed VSThost and Synth1 v1.07

No trouble at all, both installed without problems.

Attached an audiocable to the soundcard and had a few shots at playing and adjusting the latency and this hardware won’t do more than 4 voices of polyphony depending on the preset.

But I must say that it sounds good, REALLY GOOD!

To show it of  I made a WMV clip (it was late and dark so it’s crappy but the sound is ok).

Now I’m going to tidy up the build and installation and also make some endurance tests to make sure it’s stable.

As Arnold says, I’ll be back.



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