Assembly begins

First the motherboard goes in.


The motherboard has plastic pins (raisers) that was used to mount it into a PC-box. I glue these spacers on the the bottom of the keyboard using SuperSet glue. This glue is strong but still somewhat flexible so that vibration won’t shake it lose.


Next we mount the stuff on the back.


To Host MIDI, Audio connectors and the power switch.


The PSU is a critical component and we DON’T want it to shake lose (High Voltage) so it is both SuperSet glued and screwed into place in the other end of the box, well away from low voltage components.

The fan has too short leads so the will have to be extended before we can mount the fan at the back.


You may also notice the cutoff wire for the mini-keyboard power. We will connect this to the 12 volt power from the PSU. Normaly the keyboard uses a 9 volt power adaptor but raising this to 12 volts does not really matter as there is some 7805  regulator inside and these can take up to 37 volts and 3 volts excess won’t make that much more heat.

Hang on as we continue.



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