The paint is drying

Since  no one of you visitors feel like commenting I guess your not into carpenting 🙂

Let me remind you of what I said in the begining, “Real live playable instruments”,  That is a computer that has been boxed and painted as a musical instrument.

If there are some of you waiting for tips on how to turn your Office PC into something cool, well please hang on, but the thread in this blog is about how to make an instrument and it would make me feel good if you would give a comment.

Anyway here is a peek at the paintjob halfway.




4 Responses to “The paint is drying”

  1. Charles Says:

    hi there, I made it here via a KVR thread. got to say, this is a brilliant idea, top marks for having the skill and patience to finish it. I wish my technical/practical skills were up to doing this. But they’re not, so i’ll just have to settle for reading this blog! Have you ever thought of doing commissions?

  2. janostman Says:

    This is just a prototype but I’m planning for a 1U rack box, much like the Muse Receptor or V-Machine, that will be released to the market.

    Just haven’t figured out all the hurdles to get over first 🙂


  3. how to make an instrument Says:

    did you have video about virtual analog?

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