Drilling some new holes

The keyboard back needs some holes so I had to make those before painting it.


The holes are from left to right:

Power cable

This was not fun to measure out because the connector is actually mounted on the PSU inside.

Power switch

We need to be able to turn it on and off.

Fan outlet

As this is a computer we need a fan in the casing.


Not even if it’s a fanless Mini-ITX, things WILL get hot and something will eventually break (in a cloud of smoke).

The fan draws hot air out of the box and let new cold air in from beneath the keybord in the front.

Mono/Left Audio out 1/4″-Jack

Connects the Left audio channel from the soundcard to your amplifier.

If nothing is plugged into the Right Audio out, this will be a monomix of both the left and right channel.

Right Audio out 1/4″-Jack

This is obviously the Right Audio out channel.

MIDI To Host

We will use the DB-9 serial port of the motherboard as a Yamaha style “To Host” MIDI port.

You can control the synth from a PC, running sequencer software, through this port with a Yamaha “To Host” MIDI driver.

Now I’m off painting.



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