Patching up the box

To patch up the vectorized hole I use very heavy duty cardboard.

It’s really strong and easy to cut angels in.


We fix the pieces into place using tape.


Building up the corner pieces first.


The tape is just temporary until the glue has dried.


Turning the casing around we armor the inside with a glassfibre mesh to keep the construction together.


Finally we paste glue in all the joints and speckel the glasfibre mesh with glue, making a strong bond for the pieces.


A now we just wait for the glue to dry (That is just so boring 😦 )


As you notice I have added a bar at the top. This will be for supporting the top cover.

It needs sanding, varnishing, sanding, more varnishing and then paint but I won’t show you that, I’m sure you know how to paint.

Do I dare painting it red? Na, that would be pushing it to far. I think I’ll paint it grey with a black bottom (a bit like the emulator 🙂 )

What I really want to do next is starting to mount the hardware into the box and fire up the engine.



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