Building the box

To build the box we need some reference. In this case it will be the keyboard. We lay out the parts against the keyboard and make some marks.


Using a hacksaw we cut out the bottom board and using screws and glue we attach it to the sides.


I have “vector offset” the back of the keyboard. Not really necessary but I like it the Yamaha way. Much more difficult than building it square but nicer looking.


In the same way I attached the back of the keyboard boxing, with glue and screws. We still need to fix the vectorized hole in the box but hang on, we will do that as well.


This casing will take a lot of sanding before going to paint but will look just awsome for a VA synth. Hang on as we patch up the holes and make it look like a keyboard.


Just measuring for fitness but it does appeal, doesn’t it?

You might notice that I don’t tell you any exact measures in this build. That is because I don’t have any.

If you ever watch “Chop Shop” or “American Choppers” on Discovery you know that this is a build that designs the parts as we go along. (Yes I did test the hardware before I begun building the box 🙂 )



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