Construction begins

We need some structural parts. 2 pieces of wood makes the frame together with the keyboard. The wood pieces was cut for a drum-synthesizer a couple of years ago but never used. In this application, turned upside down they will look great, lifting the back of the keyboard into the air.
I have laid out all the parts to make sure they fit in the box.
Here you can see the Compact-flash that holds the OS. It might be to high to fit so perhaps I need to make a flat-cable extension so that I can lay it down.

Some more wooden parts and we can put this together.

I could have built this as a rack box, not needing a keyboard but as I’m a sucker for keyboards since the days of Howard Jones (Have alot of them in my studio) this was not an option.

You can build this one in a 19-inch rack version because the keyboard is just an addon but since a VA-synth needs knobs I like it better in the keyboard version.

Why am I using a mini keyboard? Again, it was what I had. It will make this puppy look really awsome but if you are going to build a synth yourself, use a full size keyboard. There is no (other than nerds) excuse for using a mini keyboard.



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