So what will we build?

When it comes to VA synth’s Nord Lead is a nice one. Novation K-station is another one. Even a third one is the Roland JP-8000 (Should have been the first one). There are lots of others but I would like to model this one after the Nord.

How are we going to get the Nord into this piece of scrap?

I could model it my self as a custom piece of software but then again that won’t give you guys any choice of selecting your favorite synthesizer for your own projects.

So how do we solve this?


By choosing VST as our platform there will be endless options to choose what ever synthesizer sound you want, only CPU power will restrict what instrument you want it to sound like.

But I wanted Nord to be the sound of my VA, what options do I have for a VSTi?

Only one, the Japanese Synth1, a greate reproduction of the Nord Lead in VSTi form and it is free. (Actually I know lots of VSTi’s that will run on this hardware but they cost money) If you build a VA your self, please feel free to choose your favorite VSTi. The thing is that Synth1 runs great on this hardware. (The least demanding VSTi I know of is SampleTank1 but that is not a VA, just a rompler)

How are we going to get VSTi’s running on this hardware?

Well I can answer your question in 3 words… Windows 98, ASIO4ALL and Savihost!

Now I’m going for a week of holiday but when I’m back we will put this baby together, YEAH!




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