Demo of the Drum8 with the uPops chip

August 23, 2016

The Drum8 4HP euro module is an 8-voice polyphonic sampling drum module in a 4HP eurorack module.

Featuring 8 rising edge triggers, a tune (15 – 400%) knob with CV input and an accent input (48 dB range).

The demo has the uPops chip installed (Micropops7 emulation)

You can  get the module now for $80 including international shipping.

Order the Drum8 $80 including international shipping

Other modules are available at

Lowered prices at

August 16, 2016

Because of the new modules that will be released on the 1st of september, a price cut has been made to all available modules at

All modules are now $60 except the Drum8 which is $80.
The price includes international shipping.

Happy shopping!


Release for the 3HP Zero drum module

August 8, 2016


Release for the revolutionary 3HP Zero drum module on the 1st of September. 
Monophonic/Duophonic 44.1KHz drumsound.
Trig and accent inputs, either 1 trig and 1 accent or 2 trig inputs.
Mono jack output.
1 pitch knob.
1 decay knob.

What is so revolutionary about that?
It has no power connector.

Yes, thats right, it’s passive and dont need any power.
The worlds first ghost powered eurorack module.

It gets its power from the triggers.
Put a few of them in a shoebox and run them from a Beatstep Pro.
No power cable needed.


And the best of all is the price.

It will be $40 prebuilt.

The cons: You have to wait until the 1st of September.

Summer sale at DSP Synthesizers

August 6, 2016


The sale  has ended and the modules will be shipped.

Shipping will start on 8/15 according to the list of order.

Those that ordered first will be shipped first.


Demo of the 4HP Nanodrum LM1 Module

August 2, 2016

Some reverb added otherwise straight out from the module.

That great classic 80’s drum sound with a deep kick.

You can order it right here and now:

The LM1 4HP module prebuilt $99 including shipping

DIY PCB/Panel/Chip kit $49 including shipping


New demo of the 4HP Nanodrum R606

August 1, 2016

Some reverb added otherwise straight out from the module.

You can order  it right here and now:

The R606 4HP module prebuilt $99 including shipping

DIY PCB/Panel/Chip kit $49 including shipping


The Nano Drum is now up on Indiegogo

July 6, 2016

The Nano Drums are now up on Indiegogo:

Also available as a DIY kit.

Please support the development of these great modules.


Demos for the R606, R727 & “The Drum” 4HP modules

July 5, 2016

Here are some peeks of the 4HP Nano Drum module series.

You find them at





Release for the RS-5 Super-SAW OSC

July 4, 2016

Like the Super-SAW sound?
This is a 5 OSC Super-SAW in a 8-pin DIP.

Pitch 1volt/Oct CV input, range C2-C7.
Detune CV input.
VCA CV input for the output level, range 0 – 48dB.

A perfect match for the dsp-Host module or the VCDM/ENV6 synth chips.

Available now:

Order the RS-5 chip $15





Release for the K8 Harmonic VCO/LFO Chip

June 30, 2016

The K8 is an upgraded version of the K5/KL5 Additive VCO chip.

1V/Oct Pitch CV for the fundamental frequency.
7 CV inputs for the 1st to 7th harmonic level
1 Sync input
1 Range select input for operating as an LFO or VCO

Application manual available here:

Available for orders now.

Order the K8 Harmonic VCO Chip $20




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