Micro-TS Spring offer

March 16, 2017

During this week you can have the Micro-TS PCB + Chip for only $25.
It is easy to build and great as a first DIY synth.

Order the Micro-TS PCB + Chip $25




PCBGOGO – The best in business

March 8, 2017


I manufacture all my PCB’s at PCBGOGO.
They are really the best in the business.

Great support, high quality and fast delivery with DHL.

I’ve order thousands from them and I will keep doing so.

Just the best in business.


The Micro-TS – Keyfob Touch Synthesizer

February 28, 2017

If you think the Tiny-TS is small then think again.

The Micro-TS is keyfob sized, 61x41mm but still features the same specs as the Tiny-TS.

It runs on 3V so a CR2016 button cell works just fine.
The analog knobs have a trim potentiometer footprint.
Output is a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

It still has CV/Gate outputs but they are just pads on the PCB edge.

Only 50 available in the first batch.

Order the Micro-TS PCB $20

Order the Micro-TS PCB+Chip $40



The JVS-01 Semi Analog Synth Chip

February 22, 2017

New chip for 2017!

The JVS-01 is a semi-analog synthesizer voice in a 8-pin DIP.

The chip implements a Juno-style synthesizer voice with a saw integrator DCO, 24dB lowpass biquad filter with resonance, DCA with 1024 level amplitude control and a 512 stage DDL Chorus.

The chorus can be turned on or off.

The signal chain is 96dB 16-bit DSP and the DAC runs a 1MHz PDM signal.

Internal processing is done at a 66KHz sample rate.

The chip can be used as a voice chip for an analog voltage controlled synthesizer.

All CV inputs handle positive 0-5 volt input and the DCO pitch conforms to a 1v/Oct frequency response, 5 octaves, 61Hz – 2KHz range.

Order the JVS-01 Chip $30




Thanks for supporting the Tiny-TS

January 10, 2017


Tiny-TS STL-files released

January 3, 2017

The STL-files for 3D printing your own casing for the Tiny-TS are now released at:



Panel for the upcoming FM-firmware

December 28, 2016

Here is the panel layout of the upcoming 2-operator FM firmware for the Tiny-TS.


Tiny-TS firmware update handles CV inputs

December 26, 2016

The Tiny-TS is only monophonic and doesn’t have an arpeggiator.
But with the v1.1 firmware it now also handles CV and Gate input from a sequencer to make it play arpeggios.

On startup it checks if the Gate output is grounded.
If it is it reverses the CV/Gate ports to inputs.

The Gate now triggers the envelope and the CV input shifts an octave up on the keyboard.

You can now play arpeggios.

The Tiny-TS project now on Hackster.io

December 22, 2016

The DIY building instructions are now also available at Hackster.io




Working on the Tiny-TS Casing

December 21, 2016

Working on the STL-file for 3D printing the casing for the Tiny-TS synthesizer.