Tiny-TS goes fullsize

August 17, 2018

Remember the Tiny-TS? The synth with touch keys that fit in your pocket?
Forget it.

The Maxi-TS is the tiny that got bigger!

The Maxi-TS is 20×5 inch (507x128mm), 3 octaves of fullsize keys.

  • USB-MIDI Interface
  • Standard MIDI Output
  • CV/Gate Output
  • Fully polyphonic over MIDI

Use it as a CV/Gate keyboard for your modular rack or control your MIDI synthesizer and DAW.

Available 1st of September.

At http://webshop.dspsynth.eu






Vintage VC Filter available

August 16, 2018

The Vintage VC Filter is a digital VA emulation of a 45 year old ladder filter.

With screenprinted aluminium panel and Moog-style knobs the vintage feeling is enhanced.

6HP width and 35mm depth.

Great sound and a great price.

Only $49 at http://webshop.dspsynth.eu


RMX Basic kit now available

August 16, 2018

You think the RMX is overpriced and you think you can build it cheaper yourself.

Now you can.

The 12HP RMX drum module is now available as a basic kit for DIY.

You find it at http://webshop.dspsynth.eu for $79


The RMX Drum Module

June 12, 2018


The RMX is a vintage drum module in 12HP.
18 classic eprom sounds with separate outputs.

– 18 classic 80’s EPROM drum sounds (a-Law 8-bit 24KHz)
– 6 voice polyphonic
– 6 slider knob volume mixer
– 6 tuning knobs 15 – 30 KHz sample frequency
– 6 separate drum outputs
– 1 mixed mono output
– MIDI input 3.5mm TRS-jack type ‘B’ (Arturia)
– USB-MIDI I/O 3.5mm TRS-jack (tip is D-)
– Transmitts triggers and tune knobs to DAW over USB
– Supplied with necessary MIDI and USB adapter cables


Trellis Feather dsp-G1 synthesizer

May 21, 2018


John Parks has released the Trellis Feather dsp-G1 synthesizer over at Adafruit Learning.


“The DSP-G1 makes beautiful, classic paraphonic synth sounds, similar to the famous 1980s Roland Juno-6. You can play up to five notes at once, each with three oscillators, and you can dial in multiple wave shapes, detuning, LFO, 24db filter, ADSR envelopes for the amplifier and filter, and more!
The Feather M0 Express can read your Trellis keypad buttons and potentiometer knobs and then send these commands to the synth chip as MIDI messages.”

The dsp-G1 celebrates a 4 year anniversary this week.

During this week the dsp-G1 chip is only $10 at http://webshop.dspsynth.eu

O2 Minipops DIY Kit available

May 15, 2018

Now at http://webshop.dspsynth.eu

New worldwide shipping fee

May 15, 2018

New fee for worldwide shipping.
$10 flat rate on all items.



New RMX-6 Drumchip

May 15, 2018


The RMX6 is a complete PCM Drum Synthesizer in a 28-pin DIP with 6 separate outputs and MIDI control.

It features 6 separate trig inputs and 6 separate analog tune inputs.

1 input for +6dB accent and 6 separate mono outputs.

It also features at MIDI input for drum triggering on CH#16.


Download PDF manual

Available at http://webshop.dspsynth.eu

R606 MK-II

May 14, 2018

Only $149!




May 4, 2018


The preprogrammed Digispark DIY USB-MIDI to CV board is now available in the webshop.