The Breadboard TS – A synth builders dream

September 15, 2017



The Breadboard TS is a development platform used to breadboard new synth ideas.


  • 830 point breadboard with built in 5 volt rails
  • 2 Octave touch keyboard
  • MIDI, CV/Gate and SQR-oscillator outputs
  • MIDI to CV/Gate input
  • 3.5mm Audio jack output
  • Built-in Oscilloscope
  • Powered by one C-size 1.5v battery
  • Measures 180x120x40mm
  • Comes with 65 jumper cables
  • Includes JVS-01 chip (DCO, DCF, DCA, Chorus)
  • Includes KL5 chip (LFO)
  • Includes ENV6 chip (6×AR envelope)
  • Includes Patch book based on Fritzing

Order the Breadboard-TS $199 including international shipping



FritzingBreadboard-TS Fritzing


The included JVS-01 chip is a basic monophonic synth voice with SAW oscillator, 24dB LPF, VCA and chorus.

This is what it sounds like:


3HP Zero Bassline MK-II

September 4, 2017


The Zero Bassline MK-II is a 3HP bassline synth.

Running on ghost power off the gate jack it requires no power ribbon cable.

Featuring Filter Cutoff and Filter Resonance knobs.
1V/oct Pitch CV and Gate inputs.

The Zero line is all about filling out holes and odd space in your rack.

In that case you don’t want to spend another power connector.

Zero power, zero problems, fat sound.
Look ma, no power connector!

Available as prebuilt only.

Limited introduction price this week!

Order the Zero Bassline MK-II $49 including shipping

3HP Paperface PD Oscillator

August 24, 2017

Now available as a kit or prebuilt.

Order the 3HP PD Oscillator kit $39

Order the 3HP PD Oscillator prebuilt $49

If you want to build it yourself it is open-source and the project is here:



3HP Paperface Camelion

August 18, 2017

The 3HP DSP Module is available now.


Demo of what a CZ-VCO can do

August 9, 2017

One really capable VCO in 3HP and a favorite demo of mine:

Order the 3HP CZ-VCO $49

The CZ-VCO is now open-source and found in the Paperface menu to the right.

The dsp-G2 available now

August 6, 2017



dsp-G2 model

3 years after the release of the popular dsp-G1 analog modelling synthesizer the dsp-G2 is now released.

The gen-2 chip has better features:

  • Fully polyphonic DCO with pitchbend and Detune
  • LFO can now modulate the DCO pitch and pulse width
  • 6dB HPF
  • 24dB LPF with Resonance
  • Filter ENV
  • Can run on MIDI Ghost power
  • SOIC-20 SMT package

The chip is available now for $30 and the carrier PCB that allows it to be built into a MIDI-DIN plug for $10.

Order the dsp-G2 synth chip $30

Order the dsp-G2 MIDI PCB $10





u808 drums is now open-source

July 20, 2017

The u808 drum chip is now open-source.

The code is available in the 3HP Paperface page to the right.

CZ1 is now open-source

July 19, 2017

The CZ1 Phase Distortion chip, used in the CZ-VCO, is now open-source.

The code is available in the 3HP Paperface page to the right.

New 3HP Paperface OSC Euro Modules

July 17, 2017





A new line of 3HP euro Oscillator modules are released today.

The are called the Paperface line because of their white classic panels.

The Paperface line includes the PD module, a phase distorsion oscillator, the PS module, a SuperSAW oscillator and the DSP Camelion, A DSP module that can be reprogrammed with a wavefile through the audio out port without a programmer.

Available both as a DIY kit for $39 and Prebuilt for $49.

Check them out at among other cool DIY stuff.

You’ll also find it as DIY in the menu to the right.

Synsonique Drum

July 10, 2017

This is a remake of the classic Synsonic drum.
This one is pocket size, 92x76mm and uses touch pads instead of piezo sensors.
You play it with your fingers.

And it uses the TinyAudioBootloader so you can upload new firmware and drum sounds through the audiojack. No programmer required.

4 Drum sounds with touch pads.
Tuning knob.
Runs on a CR2032 battery.

A great rainy summer day project and probably the easiest DIY kit ever made.
Great for beginners.

Order the Synsonique Full Kit $30